How clean is clean?

The OptiSolve®

germ report


Germs are all around us. We come into contact with them every day. They are on almost everything we touch. They are on us and in us. Some are harmless. Some can make us sick. Some can be deadly.

Understanding the difference is essential to protect us in our homes and workplaces.  The Germ Report is an information portal made possible by the scientific research team at OptiSolve to help answer the question of “how clean is clean?”

Through the use of the proprietary OptiSolve Pathfinder® technology, we are constantly exploring and improving health and cleaning standards by ‘making the invisible visible’. This ground breaking process now allows our team to bring lab technology into the field for visual results that can help redefine an industry’s approach to making healthier work and living zones.

Welcome to the Germ Report.

Make the invisible visible.