Making the invisible visible

OptiSolve Pathfinder®


Germs are everywhere but because you cannot see them, you may not be aware of where they tend to accumulate. Although the majority are harmless, there are well over 1,500 species that can cause infection.

Finding which germs pose a threat is not easy and requires both time and cost. Normally, swabs are taken and sent back to the lab for analysis. This can take days, which makes them not timely. After all, you want to be aware of the risks in the moment.

There is another way.

Most pathogens tend to live in biological material. If we could find this in a rapid and effective way, we could identify ‘hot spots’ where these harmful germs are likely to be found.

However, most of the time, biological material is hard to see and may be just as hidden as the germs themselves.

But if we could visualize this material so we could see those hot spots, we could identify the areas that need attention and even develop protocols to keep them safe.

Enter OptiSolve®.

The Optisolve Pathfinder® technology allows us to visualize these hot spots so we can be aware of their existence. Biological material is made visible through our proprietary imaging technology so you can be aware of what areas need to be cleaned and disinfected.

With OptiSolve, all you need to do is look and see where the germs are.

The Germ Report takes you on a journey into some of the most common places in our lives and investigates where germs are most likely to be found. Using OptiSolve’s technology, we make you aware of the places that potentially can cause a risk to your health.

Join us as we look for hot spots in our everyday world and figure out how we can reduce the risk by making the invisible visible.